Cooking with Mon


Cook like local, Eat like local


Cooking with Mon is a little family run business, located in an authentic fisherman village south of the pier in Koh Lanta Old Town. Classes run on request. The first people who book the class can choose their favorite three dishes and if others are interested in joining there could be a maximum of 10 people. A typical Thai dessert will be added to the menu.


You will learn to cook these three dishes from scratch with the charismatic and knowledgeable Mon. Mon’s class are totally ‘hands-on’ and Mon always wants you to ‘get dirty’ as he explains it. It means you will be the one doing all the work; cleaning the fish, removing the ink from the squid, chopping up the vegetables or pounding the herbs. Mon will guide you, entertain you and introduce you to new ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques of the Thai kitchen. Mon doesn’t just let you follow a recipe but helps you develop ‘a feeling’ for Thai food. He does this with his natural charm, humor and expertise. Find all the information regarding price, location, how to book etc. on the next page FAQ.

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