The Online Class

During the difficult times of Covid19, we have started doing online cooking classes but we enjoy it so much that they are definitely here to stay!

Our online classes are a way to get together with others, have a great time and cook good food. We can join your fun company or team-building event, or a private celebration with friends and family. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about our online cooking class.

Online company events

Cooking with Mon can be a wonderful way of spending good quality time with your team if you are looking for a fun team-building activity. 

If you would like to organise a company event for your team, please contact us directly and mention the number of people (screens) joining, your preferred dates and if you would like to have the ingredients included in the package.

So far we have done several events, for example for Google, Vodafone, Ebay and many smaller companies. In some countries we partner up with Asian supermarkets and are able to send the ingredients for the class directly to the particiapnts' homes. If you wonder if Cooking with Mon is the right activity for your team, feel free to contact us and inquire.

Check out this video on our YouTube channel Cooking with Mon about one of our classes with Google. Scroll to the end if you would like to watch the class itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What are the dishes I can choose from?

There are three main dishes and an additional dessert. You can look through possible dishes on the Dishes page, but you can always try to ask for something new. Mon is happy to extend his menu options. 

Q.    What is the price and what is included in the package?

The price for cooking class is 1600 baht pp. For children until 12 years we charge 1000 baht pp. Besides the menu of three main dishes and a dessert we will be serving fresh fruit and drinking water. At the end of the class you will receive a PDF file with all the recipes Mon has ever taught, so you can continue to experiment with moreThai food back home. Throughout the day we will take pictures, and post them on our Facebook page as soon as possible.

Q.    How can I book?

On the Contact page you can see different ways to contact us. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in booking a class and we can discuss the details, like the date, your menu, the payment. We are happy to answer any question you may have.

Q.    What time does class start and end?

Classes start at 11 and finish at around 4 pm, depending on the chosen dishes. Some dishes require more preparation than others.

Q.    Who will enjoy Cooking with Mon class?

Cooking with Mon is for everyone. We have children from 6-7 years old, people who cannot speak English, vegetarians, vegans, people who are very much into cooking and people who have never cooked before. All rate Cooking with Mon as one of the highlights of their holiday. You are not just cooking, you are spending a wonderful day with friends eating and having fun and without even noticing, you also learn a lot.

Q.    What if I have special diet requirements?

The menu can be easily adapted to your special diet. We can cater to vegetarians, vegans, people who eat gluten-free or dairy free and even people who cannot handle chilies (Thai food without chilies?! It is possible!)

Q.    Where is Cooking with Mon located? How to get to your cooking school?

Cooking with Mon is located away from most tourist accommodation, on the East coast of Koh Lanta, in a lovely place called Lanta Old Town. Many people come to visit the Old Town for a day trip. It is actually also a wonderful place to stay if you like a unique experience of living in the local village while enjoying comfort and convenience that most travelers require. Cooking with Mon is located in a part of Old Town south of the pier, where you can still see Thai local life. It is not strange to run into fishermen on their way to work, kids playing and chickens and ducks running around. You can see the map and exact directions on the Contact page. The best way to reach our school from the West coast is by renting a motorbike. If you require a taxi, we can help you arrange one at an extra cost.

Q.   Is it possible to have a private class only for our party?

You can contact us with any special request. In high season we usually get fully booked and will not provide private classes but in low season we can discuss the options.

About us

Cooking with Mon is the best Thai cooking school in Koh Lanta for several years. Mon is the charismatic chef who will introduce you in a relaxing and fun way to the secrets of Thai cooking. Book our Thai cooking class today!

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