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Cook like local, Eat like local


Cooking with Mon is a family run business, located in an authentic fisherman village south of the pier in Koh Lanta Old Town. Classes run on request. The first people who book the class can choose their favorite three dishes and there is an additional dessert (usually Mango Sticky Rice). Others can join if they like this menu.Therefore menu is different every day. Please contact us with your exact dates and we will provide the different menu options. 


You will learn to cook these three dishes from scratch with the charismatic and knowledgeable Mon. Mon’s class are totally ‘hands-on’ and Mon always wants you to ‘get dirty’ as he explains it. It means you will be the one doing all the work; cleaning the fish, removing the ink from the squid, chopping up the vegetables or pounding the herbs. Mon will guide you, entertain you and introduce you to new ingredients, flavors and cooking techniques of the Thai kitchen. Mon doesn’t just let you follow a recipe but helps you develop ‘a feeling’ for Thai food. He does this with his natural charm, humor and expertise.


A cooking class costs 1600 baht pp. For children until 12 years we charge 1000 baht pp. Besides the menu of three main dishes and a dessert we will be serving fresh fruit and drinking water. Classes start at 11 AM and finish around 4 PM. At the end of the class you will receive a PDF file with all the recipes Mon has ever taught, so you can continue to experiment with moreThai food back home. Throughout the day we will take pictures, and post them on our Facebook page as soon as possible.


Cooking with Mon also offers a number of beautiful accommodation options for every budget. We have some options in the Old Town, close to the cooking class area. Do you want to stay in a beautiful private house on poles on the ocean? Visit the Wooda House, the Blue Ocean House or the Muchu House or stay at our highly rated community guesthouse Sweet LIfe. For more information on our accommdation visit our website


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About us

Cook like a local and eat like a local, is Mon's motto. Mon is the charismatic chef who will introduce you in a relaxing and fun way to the secrets of Thai cooking.

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