On our classes you can choose your three favorite dishes from the list below. We start with one noodle dish (or stir -fry Holy Basil if you're not into noodles). Then we cook a curry from scratch. The third dish is either a Thai salad, a soup or a stir-fry and we end the day with a heavenly dessert, Mango Sticky Rice. See the list below for an explanation of the dishes and a photo. Some dishes are usually cooked more spicy than others or with meat, but when you cook them yourself, you decide what goes in and what stays out. Therefore all dishes can easily be adapted to any diet, such as vegan or vegetarian. Feel free to cook red curry without chilies, papaya salad without fish sauce or even Laab, the minced meat salad, but without meat! Everything goes on our cooking class.

FIRST DISH - choose one

Pad Thai noodles

The signature noodle dish of Thailand. The rice noodles, made with a tamarind sauce, taste sweet & sour and are topped with crunchy bean sprouts.

Pad Kee Mao noodles

Same chewy thick rice noodle like Pad See Ew, but this dish is for those who love spice & flavours. Therefore the name which literally mean Drunken Noodles. Perfect after a hangover or with a cold beer and topped with fresh herbs, like Thai Basil.

Pad See Ew noodles

This is an extremely popular noodle dish for Thai people, thick rice noodle stir-fried with dark soya sauce, very delicious and easy to prepare back home

Stir Fry Holy Basil

If you're not into noodles you can go for this staple dish. Actually this is one of the most eaten lunch dishes in Thailand. Minced meat, Stir fried with garlic, holy basil and lots of chillies, topped with a fried egg on the rice.

CURRIES, all made from scratch

Red Curry

Everyone knows this famous dish. First we make the curry paste from scratch, and then later the curry. Add as many chilies as you like! (Or as little)

Massaman Curry

Green Curry

Similar to red curry but made with green chilies instead of red! And we often cook this dish with baby eggplant. Have you ever tried?

Khao Soi

Penang Curry

This curry is usually sweeter and milder than its siblings red and green curry. We add peanuts to the curry paste which add a rich flavour.

This curry originates from the Muslims in the South of Thailand and Malaysia. It has very warm flavours from all the spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom and star anise.

This is the King of curries! The yellow curry from the North of Thailand, is actually a curried noodle soup. It is served with soft yellow noodles inside and crispy yellow noodles on top. Khao Soi is a real feast.


Tom Yum soup

One of the real signature dishes of Thailand. This soup full of typical Thai herbs like lemon grass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves, has an amazing aroma and is sour and spicy. The base for the soup is water, a dash of coconut milk and a chili paste.

Stir Fry Sweet & Sour

This stir-fry has Chinese influence and the flavours are exactly as suggested; sweet, and sour! You're welcome to add more chilies for a Thai twist.

Tom Ka soup

This is the milder sister of Tom Yum (although if you want to cook it spicy, you can!). The two soups are very similar when it comes to the herbs. But the base is different; Tom Ka is cooked with lots of Coconut Milk.

Papaya Salad

Another real signature dish of Thailand, Papaya salad is made with unripe green Papaya. Usually you will be able to grab your own green papaya from our garden. Back home you will be able to replace green papaya with cucumber, carrot, cabbage or green beans.

Stir Fry Cashew Nut

This is a quick dish that you can cook easily and perfect for those who prefer it less spicy (Although you could add chilies if you like). Stir fried vegetables with crunchy cashew nut.


Minced meat, green and red onion, mint and coriander and limes give this dish a really fresh and healthy bite. Surprisingly It is a great dish for vegetarians, as meat can easily be replaced with mushroom and/or tofu and it's delicious. 


Mango Sticky Rice

Mango, sticky rice with coconut and lots of sugar makes this simple and amazing dish a real heavenly dessert. 

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